IDAPython: ida-graph-exporter


Via the vmallet Interactive IDA Plugin List I found ida-graph-exporter by Julian Kirsh. This IDA Pro Plugin exports the current graph view into an SVG file (that can optionally be further exported to PDF). I thought this was really neat, because I’ve found that IDA’s graph layout is really good, especially when it comes to routing edges around lots of basic blocks. With this plugin, I can share publicly the interesting parts of a program as I see them in IDA (without resorting to huge screenshots).

I took a little time to experiment with Julian’s code and derived a new IDAPython script: williballenthin/ida-graph-exporter. The changes:

You should get familiar with Julian’s project, since he did all the hard work and its really neat. Still, if any of these features interest you, give the derived project a try, too.

Here’s a hosted example: mimikatz.exe@0x46e2b7.


side by side


(click and drag to pan, just like in IDA)